Primary 1 & 2 English Tuition

Primary 1-2 English Enrichment

Focused on easing students into building a stronger vocabulary and teaching the basic concepts of language comprehension.



  • Building a strong vocabulary for composition writing
  • Introduction to ‘Show, don’t tell’
  • Thematic worksheets to master basic human emotions, ‘anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, excitement, happiness’



  • Understanding comprehension requirements
  • Identifying words and phrases
  • ‘Refer to’ questions

Primary 1-6 Schedule


Monday 3-5pm

Wednesday 3-5pm


Tuesday 3-5pm

Wednesday 5-7pm


Wednesday 3-5pm

Thursday 3-5pm


Tuesday 3-5pm

Wednesday 7-9pm


Monday 5-7pm

Thursday 5-7pm

Saturday 830-1030am


Monday 5-7pm

Thursday 5-7pm

Sunday 9-11am

Pri 1-2 Curriculum

English Foundation Building

Critical grammatical concepts explained in a clear and concise manner.

Introduction to Open-Ended Comprehension

Fun passages for younger readers introduce the concept of comprehension questions.

Introduction to Story Writing

 Guided examples to introduce the methodology of weaving a good tale.

Introduction to Synthesis

Key concepts for sentence construction introduced via fun and challenging questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare my child for Primary 1 English?

Have them learn the spelling and meaning of 3-5 new words every day. It will be good to include a mixture of adjectives, nouns, verbs.

Do I need to buy anything for Primary 1 English?

Thematic vocabulary handbooks are good to have.

What should a Primary 1 & 2 child know?

At Pri 1 & 2, it is enough that a child knows how to answer 5W1H questions in full sentences for comprehension and the differences between is/are/was/were/has/have/had. In addition to these, the child should understand Basic Subject-Verb-Agreement. I.e. Adding ‘s’ to singular present tense verbs.

Are there still English exams for Primary 1 & 2?

Weighted assessments have been removed for both years. Primary 1 will be totally exam free. There will be a year end exam for primary 2.

How will I know if my child is doing well in Primary 1 & 2?

Check on their school work regularly. If they are scoring anything below 8/10 for spelling and regular assignments, they probably require help. Every now and then, you can let them try out past year papers. For P1, P2, they should be scoring above 85%.