79% of our students improve their English by 2 bands

Founded by teachers with an average of over 10 years of tuition experience, Phi Learning is the ONLY English enrichment that provides personalised improvement notes for students after every lesson. No lesson is ever wasted.

Turning study materials into fun, adventure games based on pop-culture is just one of the ways we keep students engaged and learning improved.

Personalised notes after every lesson

Gamification of study material

High Exposure To General Knowledge

Robust, In-House Curriculum

Building Up Creative Writing Skills

20 Years Teaching Experience

Rated 5/5 Stars!

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Improved English

99% of Phi Learning students improve their English grades within 12 months.



For every 5 of our PSLE and O’Level English students, 4 manage to score As.


IP Schools

1 in 2 of our students get accepted to elite IP schools (PSLE 255 and above).


We’re glad students ENJOY tuition now

Adrian Lu Shi KaiDunman High School, Integrated Programme, MOE scholar
Adam He Tian LeHwa Chong Institute, Integrated Programme
Yu Fei YangDunman High School, Integrated Programme
Daniel Yoshi DeckerACSI Scholarship Recipient
David He Tian RuiYear 3 NUS High School Of Math & Science
Chen Yu ZheTemasek Junior College, Integrated Programme
Yu JiyangRaffles Institution, Integrated Programme
I used to average a C for Language Arts in Secondary One. Under the tutelage of Mr Neo at Phi Learning, my English has never fallen below A ever since Secondary Two. Of all the enrichment classes I’ve ever attended, my lessons at Phi Learning are the most fun and enjoyable.
My lessons at Phi Learning are full of silly fun. I don’t see it as the usual tuition that I’m forced to go.
This is my 6th year in Phi Learning. I’m pretty sure I’ll stick to a tried and true method of acing my English.
Phi Learning is the best learning centre I’ve ever been to. The lessons are challenging but extremely fun!
English was never my favourite subject but I am more than eager to read the passages written by Mr. Neo. Epic and mind blowing.
I like debating Mr. Neo. He never puts down my ideas and acknowledges the merits of my points.
I’ve had so many memorable moments in Phi Learning. I learn something new about pop culture every lesson and it really opens up my world.

20 Years of Experience

We nurture creative learners

Phi Learning believes in nurturing more holistic students. That’s why we integrate documentaries, global cultural trivia and general knowledge into our English lessons. We believe that an interesting lesson begets interested students.

Our Teachers