50% of our PSLE graduates get into IP schools (PSLE 255 and above)

Games-based English tuition that builds EXAM CONFIDENCE – guaranteed at least 1 grade improvement in 12 months, or you pay $0*.
“As a parent, I don’t really want to force my kids to go for tuition. But never did I think it was possible for them to look forward to it! Thank you Mr Neo and Mr Chan!”
Over 1,000 students have enjoyed our lessons and aced their PSLE and O-Levels!

I used to average C for Language Arts in Secondary 1. Under the tutelage of Mr Neo, my English has never fallen below A since Secondary 2.
Adrian Lu Shi KaiDunman High School, Integrated Programme, MOE scholar
I’ve had so many memorable moments in Phi Learning. I learn something new about pop culture every lesson and it really opens up my world.
Yu JiyangRaffles Institution Integrated Programme
English was never my favourite subject but I am more than eager to read the passages written by Mr Neo. Epic and mind blowing.
David He Tian RuiNUS High School of Math & Science

Students must be interested in English, and NOT just get forced to attend tuition.

We make lessons FUN

With over 20 years of experience, Phi Learning’s teachers use a combination of Gamified Storytelling, Pop Culture-Integrated Study Material and Personalised Note-Taking to get students engaged and interested.

Interested students learn best, as evidenced by 79% of our students improving by 2 bands or more. 4 in 5 score As for PSLE and O-levels after our English tuition.

To keep up to date on the syllabus and understand students’ exam psychology, Mr Neo and Mr Chan also take the O and A Level English exams every year as private candidates, scoring consecutive distinctions.

The following is a snapshot of actual teaching materials we use:

Our Teachers

English tuition for schools along East Coast

As specialists in primary schools along east coast, we know how each school’s marking scheme works. This lets us personalize the teaching for students, helping them ace schools exams and build confidence for the PSLE.

List of primary schools we specialize in:

CHIJ Katong
Tao Nan School
Kong Hwa Primary
Haig Girls
Temasek Primary
Ngee Ann Primary
Opera Estate Primary
Maha Bodhi Primary
Tanjong Katong Primary
Anglo-Chinese School
St Stephen’s Primary
Red Swastika
Maris Stella High School
St Anthony’s Canossian Primary

Why is Phi Learning so effective?

Exam Confidence

As an English tuition centre specialised in East Coast, students are taught to ace their school tests and gain confidence in their exam skills.

Personalized Notes

Students are given personalised notes after each English enrichment lesson, helping them zero in on their own strengths and weaknesses.

Group-based Gamified Learning

We turn study material into games, where students can interact, challenge and roleplay as characters from stories.

After Hours Support

Phi Learning keeps in constant contact with students. We want them to feel assured that there’s always someone there for them.

MOE Schools
  • ✅ Familiar with East Coast school syllabus
  • ❌ Personalised teaching
  • ✅ Healthy, small group competition
  • ❌ Gamified study material
  • ❌ After-hours support
  • ❌ Guaranteed improvement
Phi Learning
  • ✅ Familiar with East Coast school syllabus
  • ✅ Personalised teaching
  • ✅ Healthy, small group competition
  • ✅ Gamified study material
  • ✅ After-hours support
  • ✅ Guaranteed improvement
1-to-1 Tutor
  • ❌ Familiar with East Coast school syllabus
  • ✅ Personalised teaching
  • ❌ Healthy, small group competition
  • ❌ Gamified study material
  • ✅ After-hours support
  • ❌ Guaranteed improvement

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your class schedule like?

We have classes available everyday. Each lesson is 2 hours long and runs once a week.

What do you teach in your class?

We attack common areas of weaknesses such as composition, comprehension cloze, synthesis and transformation. Our focus are on Paper 1 and Paper 2. Our uniquely designed techniques help tackle tricky areas and help students up their Paper 1 and Paper 2 game significantly.

What is so interesting about your class?

Our learning materials, worksheets and homework are 100% original and created by our team. What sets us apart is that we use pop culture references, adventure-based passages and often text that has YOUR child as the lead character in it. Mystery and detective work is also mixed into our materials in different sections. Trust us, if your child often finds tuition dull and non-motivating, they’ll love our materials. Don’t be surprised if they suddenly look forward to completing their worksheets.

How would you compare your worksheets to top schools in Singapore?

Our material is more fun and engaging. We understand that we don’t fit some parents’ image of a prim & proper teacher but our students love this, and we love teaching this way. Building interest also lets us set materials that are more challenging than any top school’s papers, without demoralizing our students.

How big is your class size?

Our class size has a maximum of 6-8 students. We find this an optimal number to encourage participation and conduct group-based games, while still being able to focus on each student’s progress.

Do you have oral classes?

Our classes are highly interactive so all our kids who have been with us for a period of time will naturally see improvement in both their oral skills and confidence. Before each year’s finals, we also drill them on oral exams to ensure they get sufficient practice.

Do you have homework for my kids?

Absolutely! And they are often very challenging. We don’t just give them homework for the sake of it. Instead, we focus on homework that addresses their specific weaknesses.

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