Phi Learning

Founded in 2015, Phi Learning is a specialist in English enrichment lessons. We believe that a strong rapport and open lines of communication between the teacher, student and parents is key to achieving results.

Our centre’s unique requirement mandates all teachers to take the O and A level English exams every year as private candidates to keep up to date with exam trends and as a constant reminder of what our charges are going through. All teachers at Phi Learning are required to score a perfect streak of A1s, year after year. 

20 Years of Experience

We nurture creative learners

Phi Learning believes in nurturing more holistic students. That’s why we integrate documentaries, global cultural trivia and general knowledge into our English lessons. We believe that an interesting lesson begets interested students.

Our Teachers

Our History

2015: Founded
Phi Learning started at Parkway Centre with a small group of 20 students

Phi Learning parkway centre 2015

2019: Upgraded premises
We grew to over 100 students by 2019 and shifted to a newer premise at Parkway Parade

Phi Learning parkway parade 2019

2020: 5 Years Of Improvement
A major milestone of 99% of our students seeing improvement for 5 consecutive years

Phi Learning 2020

Rated 5/5 Stars!

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